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When I scroll through news feeds on FB it is mostly filled with ads, you-tube shares, quotes and generic pictures...fat, fat and more fat.  This is my attempt to reach more family (friends too) and to cut out the "fat" and share a little more meat. I will share it all, as failures are what I learn the most from and you will likely laugh the most at! My hope is that it makes you smile and you truly enjoy reading about my adventures with "These Two Boys"!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Little Sponges

Tukker and Brekkon soak up everything into those little brains of theirs.   I am constantly amazed at how much they can remember especially when information is presented to them in a fun, tactile, or kinesthetic way.  Then I dig deep and remember that, oh yeah, 90% of the brain is developed before 5 years of age!( astonishing right?) Studying child development in college was so amazing to me, however, that single piece of information has always been a highlight of everything I studied, and doesn't cease to amaze me.
Brekkon often finishes sentences of mine when I am struggling for a word, when communicating with Matt on our daily adventures.  Tukker consistently reminds me of where different objects are located throughout our home. Brekkon counts to 87 and Tukker knows a song with the name of 26 countries in it(Just to name a  few of the things that make us drop our jaws). I am pretty sure they are going to out smart me a lot sooner than I was hoping and anticipating.  
They have recently been extremely interested in the culture of Japan, which started a couple of weeks ago at the Children's Museum when they were making Japanese lanterns in the toddler area.  I always try to bring relevance to the activity(rather than just do the craft itself).  As they were making it, I began to show them pictures online and in a book there of the lighted lanterns on the streets, festivals, and teach them a couple of Japanese words.  Brekkon says, "Konnichiwa" now to everyone in place of hello.  Its a little strange and funny but I figure every two year old is strange and funny... right?  They were so fascinated with the lanterns, words, and just the different world of Japan we made masks and art scrolls too. I think we will have a festival in the house when they wake up!
No matter what it is, be conifers, nocturnal animals, farm animals, marsupials, or how gas gets to the engine from the gas pedal(I had to consult my husband on that one), if they are excited about it, I might as well capitalize on it until the excitement runs out and they choose another avenue to broaden their intellect.  Kids have so many more neurons actively creating new connections than we as adults could ever hope to have.  It's fun to watch their minds at play! 


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