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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Vacation Bible School

Tukker attended VBS last week, and what a blessing!

Our church doesn't offer drop off VBS for kids under 5 so I decided to enroll him in the Green Valley Baptist church VBS for the week.  I heard from a friend that they had an amazing children's program.  Can you believe that even though we are not members, Tukker was enrolled for FREE from 9am-12pm for the entire week!  Now I know its really not uncommon. The theme was Colossal Coaster:  Facing Fear and Trusting God.  I was so excited because only a couple of weeks ago we did a character development week on courage.  

It was such a fun time for him, he learned a lot and told me all about everything he did on the ride home...everything he remembered anyhow.  For example, he told about building a jail with Legos and locking up his friends in it, turning his juice box in to a boat and sailing it in the water, or walking on a rope with his eyes shut...OK so it took a little bit of probing the first couple days to get him to tell me that the jail was for Paul and Silas, or that the juice box boat represented the ship Paul was on where he didn't get to eat.  Each day this sequence would repeat. He would tell me something they did and usually by the end of our 20 minute drive home I could figure out how the activity related to the bible story of Paul.   He sung in a performance the last night, and still asks me to put on the Vacation bible school music.  

Brekkon and I enjoyed a lot of one on one quality time together while Tukker was there.  All in all, I know if we will ever miss another VBS again.  The church did have an amazing children's program and I was really impressed with how they ran it!  
                     He is an airplane here...in case you can't tell         He LOVES Pooh

All dressed up for the production, Thanks for the super cute outfits G.G. & Jeepy!!

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