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When I scroll through news feeds on FB it is mostly filled with ads, you-tube shares, quotes and generic pictures...fat, fat and more fat.  This is my attempt to reach more family (friends too) and to cut out the "fat" and share a little more meat. I will share it all, as failures are what I learn the most from and you will likely laugh the most at! My hope is that it makes you smile and you truly enjoy reading about my adventures with "These Two Boys"!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fins. Thrust. Countdown....Blast Off

We finally have gotten everything put away from our flood, with that I had lots of boxes that were now not needed...well not for me.  The boys immediately climbed in to use them as rockets, cars, garages and any thing else their little minds could imagine.

A couple days later we were at the library and I found a book on display titled Not a Box. It was wonderful and full of imagination, so we checked it out.  Tukker asked if we could build a rocket out of the boxes. That sounded like fun.

Little did I know what a wonderful project it would turn into for them. They ended up seeing shapes in negative space that needed to be filled, learned a new shape, did an impromptu science experiment, and researched the design of a rocket online! Tukker and Brekkon both contributed more than I thought they would be able to on the ideas of the construction of it.  They helped tape pieces together and also decided on how to attach pieces to the ship. While doing the outside of the rocket Tukker told me that some of the box was not steady and he would reinforce it again with tape once he got inside the rocket. Good thing because I couldn't see myself getting in there!

The little details mattered.  Brekkon wanted circle windows and Tukker wanted square ones, and it nearly became a screaming disaster.  I quickly suggested they look at pictures online to see what real rocket windows where shaped like(Brekkon also told Tukker "you will see you are wrong when we look it up on google").  From there came the ideas of adding fins to the rocket, and what shape are they exactly? A Parallelogram!! This was a new shape for them and Tukker was fascinated that he could make one out of 2 triangle pieces from the top that we had cut out. He and Brekkon assembled those on their own. Tukker's last request was to have fire come out of the bottom so the rocket could fly, Brekkon agree that this was a wonderful idea. Hmm ..The alternative that I came up with was fun.  We laid a garden hose out in the yard and turned it on full blast, they were able to see it thrust backwards when the force of water came out...just like a rocket when it takes off.  

Currently they are astronauts, flying around the house exclaiming, "we have no gravity....AHHHHHH!"

Oh and I nearly forgot, Tukker's life long dream to be the garbage man has now been thrown out(pun intended) ... he will now be an astronaut! All of this from a couple of boxes...

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